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3 Ways to Stay Interested in Your Blog

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Many individuals enter the blogosphere bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to conquer.

However, in reality, blogging isn’t quite as simple or easy a task to master.

Many newbie bloggers or blogging wannabes begin their careers seriously underestimating the amount of time and effort it takes to create a truly successful and profitable blog in the internet today.

Now, this is not to say that it can’t be done.

Great blogs that will eventually become extraordinarily successful businesses enter the blogosphere every day it just takes time and practice.

All too often, bloggers begin a blog with a wonderful idea that they are completely jazzed about only to realize that after a month of endless dedication to that idea, they are simply bored with it.

This happens.

Staying motivated and passionate about your blogging niche and blog is one of the biggest struggles to overcome as a young blogger.

If you find yourself slowly (or quickly) losing steam with your blog, try these three tricks to find new interest in your work.


1. Broaden Your Focus

Sometimes bloggers come up with a wonderful blogging idea that is just too narrow. While a narrow focus is good, something that is too limiting can be a real obstacle.

Choosing the right niche for your audience and your interests is the first and most important step to beginning a successful blog. Come up with something that is in some way unique to the web.

While it can be extremely difficult to create a topic that is entirely unique, a good method is trying to take a unique point of view on something or give something a special twist.

Once you have found something that is in some way unique and is truly of interest to you, you have to get started.

However, if you find yourself struggling to come up with new posts and new ideas, you may have chosen a focus that was just too narrow.

Try expanding that focus some, so that you will have more to discuss.

With a wider area of interest, you may find that you are interested in more topics about that subject than you originally had thought.


2. Take a Break

All too often, newbie bloggers enter the blogosphere with too much ambition.

While being excited and passionate about a subject is essential, you don’t want to exhaust yourself right off the bat.

Pace yourself.

Many bloggers start out vowing to post something new to their blog every day. This just isn’t possible after a point in time and isn’t wise.

You want to take things slowly.

Get into the swing of things and establish a blogging schedule that you will be able to keep up with reasonably.

Moreover, take breaks.

If you feel like you are running out of ideas or are getting burnt out on the topic, take a blogging vacation. A break may provide you with new experiences that will spark new ideas or interests. Breaks are as essential to blogging as they are to any other career.

Don’t overwork yourself.


3. Reevaluate Old Topics

If after several weeks or months of consistent blogging you find yourself stuck in a rut, try reevaluating old posts.

Go back to a post you wrote prior that was particularly interesting to you. Look through this post and see if your point of view or opinion on it has changed.

If your thoughts on the topic have changed, write a follow up post about it.

This can be a great way to get new material on your blog and to reevaluate things that interested you when you started.

Reevaluating old posts allows you to see how you’ve grown as a blogger. Your readers will appreciate your thoroughness when you look back into a topic.

Sometimes, it can be a smart move to reevaluate and repost a new opinion on one of your most popular old posts.

By discussing a post that is already popular, you will likely build more conversation within your blog and boost traffic.


The Bottom Line

Remaining enthusiastic and excited about your blog is essential to its success (and your sanity).

Try all of these strategies to make sure that you are continuing to enjoy what you are doing.

Blogging can be a difficult task, but there is no reason it has to be boring or tiresome.


How About You?

Do sometimes feel your blogging excitement wearing thin?

Care to share what you are doing to overcome it?

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Guest Post by Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones blogs at online college about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at her email.
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  1. Liane Markus says:

    Being a blogger, you should be interested with what you are doing, You should also be interested with the topics that you are planning to make. Blogging is easy but getting the attention of the readers is not that is why you have to make sure that your blog is not just interesting but attention grabbing as well.

    • That is an insightful share Liane.

      A blog’s success starts with the blog owner himself. How he or she strives to keep motivated blogging.

      Of course you cannot offer something that nobody wants so you got to ensure that you are saying something really interesting that will make eyeballs turn to look.

  2. Liane Markus says:

    Hi Ramcel, yes, your definitely true. However, there are times when we have difficulty in thinking of an exact or perfect idea which can help us create a relevant and interesting blog. I am actually experiencing this kind of problem most especially when my idea is not enough. But still, I need to come up with an idea which can help me in creating a blog that is not just insightful but helpful as well.

    • Blogging can be challenging specially if you aim to stand out from just being mediocre. As a blogger, I experience that difficulty all the time. But what I usually do if I can’t push myself to write is… to read.

      Yes. I read other blogs to pump in more ideas and while I’m at it, I leave comments on the blogs that l read. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. Information gathering and link building. :)

  3. Aj Banda says:

    number two works well.. sometimes you have to take breaks so that your visitors miss you, but not long enough for them to go away..

    three works for me too, especially on my niche which changes so fast

    nice list Ramcel!

  4. Rochelle says:

    Thank you for this-
    I am new to blogging and often find myself disinterested for a few days.
    Very interesting and great tips. :)

    • Welcome to the blogging world Rochelle. I trust you are having a great time!

      Blogging has it’s ups and down but it all boils down to how deep your passion is. Just stick around and always fall in love with your blog(s).


  5. zeanee says:

    thank you for sharing the information, it helped me see things differently :)

  6. For me, it always helps to remind ourselves why we took it up in the first place because sometimes after all the work and struggles, we tend to forget all about it. If we keep going at it without thinking back, we might lose it and give up. We don’t want that.

    Like the tips, I’m surely going to keep these in mind.

    • We all have our lapses once in a while and it really helps to take a break and continue what we are doing later. Being away for some time freshens your energy and uplifts you to go on blogging.

      We spent countless sleepless nights to make our blogs reach it’s current level. We can’t afford to let everything go to waste.

  7. What i have noticed for our company that really works is hand picking real estate listings to put on our front page instead of just auto posting has helped a lot. We update every week and we can watch the traffic go up on those days. There is nothing worse then rushing and putting things up with little effort and no value. Taking your time is key.

  8. Sally Brown says:

    Such a great article. I have had to broaden my focus in the past. I also have had to take breaks because it is a lot to keep up with and takes a lot of time.

    Thank you for this informative and supportive post. Sally

    • It’s great to hear from you again Sally.

      I can see your growing audience base and active participation at Blog Engage. Reaping what you have sowed.

      Indeed, juggling between blogging and household or work routines can be pretty stressful. Taking breaks to step back and re-evaluate things can provide that extra push you need to attain success in whatever it is that you do.

  9. Lisa says:

    I like your idea of revamping an old post – hadn’t done one of those yet. Thanks!

  10. Paul says:

    It’s vital to stay interested in your blog. It’s entirely evident when a blogger is disinterested: a successful blog can’t lack valuable content, and it has to have its comments sections curated, two things that a disinterested blogger won’t be capable of.

    I know exactly what completely assures me to stay interested in my blog, and it’s dreams. Dream of what you want the success of your blog to bring, whether its a Benz or good education for your children, you’ll be dedicated – doing this makes me work like an engine.

    If you can’t stay interested it’s absolutely critical that you choose a niche that you will stay interested in, as you cannot pick up the bad habit of abandoning projects, which is a life curse for some people.

    • That is very true and thanks for that insightful input Paul.

      Every blogger, especially newbies, struggles to stay interested with their blogs. It can be that they may have chosen a niche that is not suitable for them in the long run. Or it can be that overwhelming experience from the moment they became interested and decided to jump into the blogosphere that is just wasn’t sustainable.

      But mostly it is because of lack of motivation and passion. These are two fundamental factors that make a thriving blog and eventually a community.

  11. Naser says:

    Agree with all the points Nadia. Blogging will be tough for sure in beginning but as we progress, it becomes interesting and easy.

  12. Judith says:

    Just wanna tell you I found this post fascinating and I’ll be pinning this on pinterest!

  13. Rubina says:

    Frankly, I’ve found this post to be very motivating…I’ve started blogging very recently and I’ve already begun losing the enthusiasm I started with…Thanks for this amazing post which has brought back my lost hopes for this blog… :)

  14. Corey Will says:

    These are definitely some good ideas. I find that when I do not feel like writing, I will just go to Yahoo! Answers and try to find some topics people are asking about.

    I also use Forums and even article directories to find topic ideas. If I am really feeling bored, then I take several hours a way from it and try to forget about my blog.

  15. Apollo says:

    I think taking a break is great advice which many may struggle with as they feel the need to post and post and post. Just let your readers know you are taking a week off and you should be fine.