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Should You Really Care to Write for Just One Reader

Should You Really Care to Write for Just One Reader

I say yes, you should.

Why? Tell me, do you ever find yourself trying hard, to the point of struggling, to even start a good article?

Is it because you are thinking that your intended audience is too diverse? Or is it because there are too many viewpoints and it’s difficult to focus on one?

To tell you the truth, you don’t have to make things difficult for you. You simply need to ask yourself this one thing.


Whom Are You Writing For?

If you don’t have an answer to this question now then your writing is comparable to sailing blindly in the middle of the sea. You have no sense of direction.

Is that bad? Yes it is!

And what can you do about it? Simple.


You Need to Write on Target

Do you remember when you have this really huge crush over someone that you are head-over-heels with? And whether you admit it or not, you were able to find ways to grab a photo of that someone and keep it with you always.

You use that picture to imagine that person coming to life in front of you and you are talking to him or her with your deepest thoughts. You say everthing that you wanted to say and you are so consumed in your fantasy world that everything else doesn’t seem to matter.

Cheesy story isn’t it? But this is exactly how you should see your readers.

Obviously you can’t write for the world. That will be too imprecise and you’ll be lost.

You may think that you can write for a small group like people who want to lose weight or frugal moms or day-workers who want to earn money online. It’s a good start but seriously, you can’t write for them either. To hit your goal you need to write for one single person.


Your One Ideal Reader

Just like your special someone in the photo, you need to be focused on one person. Fabricate your ideal reader. See that person in front of your computer and talk directly to him or her. Make that person the center of your content.

But how can you construct your ideal reader?


Describe in Detail

When I write an article I talk to my ideal reader.

He is a mid-thirties guy who graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. He moved to Australia with his family and left his country to find a better job. He is happily married with two cute kids, a boy and a girl.

Although he has a high-paying job in a prestigious company, the number of hours he has been spending with his family is becoming lesser and lesser. He is no less than a slave to his boss in the expense of his family. He got to do something.

So he resorted to blogging and created a blog to see if he can make a cut on making money online and eventually quit his job.

He is a newbie in the blogging world and thrilled to try different things. He is loving it but he often do things wrongly.

You see, the more I describe my ideal reader in full detail, the more I can visualize him. The more I can visualize him, the more I can give him character and eventually “see” him.

It’s really simple. You can do it too. Look around. See or talk to some people. Then find some qualities that can be knotted together and create a persona for your ideal reader. Be a good Frankenstein creator.


What Can You Reap From All These?

You have no idea do you? Let me roundup a few benefits for you.


1. Things will be easier

With one person in mind, you will be able to communicate better. The train of thoughts will flow easily and you will have no trouble starting up your article.


2. Boost your writing productivity

Did you ever notice that when you are writing personal emails to a friend it’s much easier than writing a formal business letter? Trouble-free writing means writing fast. And writing fast means more articles to publish.


3. More engaging content

When you write to be in touch with one reader you share your ideas better. The content you are crafting becomes more engaging. You are writing for your audience and not to yourself anymore.


4. Readership growth

Without you knowing it, when you laser-focus on one reader, you eventually touch tens to hundreds even thousands of people who can feel like you are talking to them. People will appreciate your work and share them with their networks.

More eyeballs on your blog, more conversions. This will increase your traffic, readership, opt-ins, and even sales.


Over to You Now

Let me ask you this question again. For whom are you writing? Come on, tell me and jot it down in the comments. Don’t hold yourself and let’s engage.


Image Credit: Ambro

About Ramcel Gatchalian

Ramcel is the writer behind the Meek Watcher. He loves to write about tips for pre, newbie, and budding bloggers on how they can be better bloggers.
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  1. Timo Kiander says:


    Great stuff as always! 

    This is the process I'm going through right now, so thank you for "reading my mind" :) I agree on your points and as I'm into productivity myself, I was glad to see the point #2 also included on your list – this is so true!

    I have started to create a persona – an ideal reader for my blog and I'm still in a process of defining it. However, your article comes right on time.

    Currently, I'm focusing to (part-time) online entrepreneurs, trying to find ways to save time. They are working on their day jobs and having a family. My task is to provide help by explaining the ways to be more productive, but also to improve their mindsets as well – to be more successful in their businesses.

    That is a start and I'm defining my reader even in more detail. Your article is helpful when I keep refining my ideal reader even further.


  2. Hey, Timo. I'm happy that you liked this post. There's still one more coming but I'm yet to decide whether I'm going to publish it here or submit it as guest post.

    Your description of an ideal reader is similar to mine. Maybe that is the reason why our posts somehow relates to each other in terms of productivity.

    I am interested in the "improving the mindsets" area that you have mentioned. So I am heading to your blog right now to learn more about this.

  3. are right Ramcel.  It is worth targeting  your post to a problem or a single person.

  4. It's nice to see you here again. Thank you. :)

  5. Justin says:

    Hey Ramcel,
    In the beginning I was only writing for one person. Now I get hundreds of readers a day and many commenters so I do consider them when writing a post.

    It is easier for me to write to one person, me. This way I know exactly what I want written.

  6. Oh, so "you" are your ideal reader. You know, only a few is able to pull out that feat and still maintain hundreds of readers. Other pro-bloggers do not recommend having yourself as an ideal reader as you only confine the perspective in a small box.

    But anyway, kudos to you my friend.

  7. SBPrimeAque says:

    When I am writing, I never come to a point visualizing my reader
    that was my mistake! Or when I imagine them, I am too ambitious to think that
    they are of large number, until this time that I come again by your great
    advice. Today, I learned one important thing to consider, my reader… I have to
    define or see my reader before writing, I see to it that we will have a real conversation;
    I cannot talk to the whole world. Thank you Sir.

  8. Hi Prime. It's a common mistake that every bloggers do, myself included. The important thing now is that we are able to realize it sooner and that we have the guts to do something about it. It's like lessons learned the hard way.

    I am glad that you find this article helpful. 

  9. Prime Aque says:

    Yes, that is right Sir. And now I want to remember those important things, I want to be a writer, and I know I can write, and I want to share some good idea to my readers like you do. I also read one good article, it says there that we have to consider our post or article as our unique creation or masterpiece, and it takes time to create it.

  10. Prime Aque says:

    Yes, that is right Sir. And now I want to remember those important things, I want to be a writer, and I know I can write, and I want to share some good idea to my readers like you do. I also read one good article, it says there that we have to consider our post or article as our unique creation or masterpiece, and it takes time to create it.

  11. You are definitely right… err… How do I address you? You signed in as Guest. :)

    Anyway, if you want to be a writer and you got talent for that, then by all means write. You can publish a book or start a blog of your own.

    Heck, I am not a writer but I write anyway. Sometimes, a person's potential can come out in the least expected places or situation.

    I am happy that you are able to find this post useful. I hope to see more of you here.

  12. Aj Banda says:

    wow this post is interesting and informative :)

    Usually prior to writing, I think of a person (or a group of person) that might find my post interesting. From there, a lot of thoughts come out. The advantage of thinking a person ahead is that, the way you write your article might be different. The difference is like creating a letter for a friend and a letter for some business related topic. And that makes the difference!

    Thanks for this post!

  13. Great insights Aj and that is precisely what I am meaning to say on this post. An article geared towards being personal, rather than professional, yields better result.

    The thing is, not many people believe in this. Heck, I even did. But after I changed my writing style the results were nothing short to awesome.

  14. Aj Banda says:

    I agree to that.. I usually compare my way of writing to "mashing a potato so that I can feed it to babies". Since I'm talking most of the time about programming, I wanted to make it understandable for everyone so that it can easily be understood.

    Based on experience, I think it works well.. :)

  15. That's a nice way to put it Aj. I like that idea of mashing potatoes for babies to feed. :)

  16. Harrison Li says:

    Loving your new design Ramcel, it’s really elegant and smooth (in my way of describing nice designs).
    I once read an article from Two Hour Blogger, don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not but the guy said if you tried writing a blog post in email, pretend it was to just one person, then copy and paste it back to your blog post editor, you will get loads of comments because you’ve connected with them, since you are basically talking 1 on 1, it boosts up massive feedback.
    Good stuff Ramcel!

    • Hey Harrison! Good to see you here again! I know Martyn but haven’t visited his blog for quite a while. He actually inspired me when I started blogging.

      Anyway, I’m glad you loved my revamped blog design. We have the same liking when it comes to describing “nice designs.” :)

      The main point in this article of mine is focus. If you draw a fine line towards the person you are targeting you will create and magnify a connection. And people who can relate to that connection will definitely have an urge to engage with you. The result? Astronomical figures on traffic and feedback.

  17. We should, especially if we are starting out as bloggers. It’s a way to get readers interested, giving them what they need. And in return, we get their trust. It’s almost impossible to write for everyone, because if we don’t live up to the expectations we will lose a lot of potential subscribers.

    • A lot of bloggers who are starting out wanted to get the most of their niche by simply blogging. They are targeting to have a lot of readers (who doesn’t want that?) but then their blog ends up too diverse.

      In blogging, usually, what is less yields to something more.