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Should You Listen to Your Blog Comments

Should You Listen to Your Blog Comments

When your posts aren’t getting any comments, you changed your way of writing to connect with your readers.

You even learned to laser-focus your content to be able to talk to your audience more effectively.

You asked for reader engagement. You got it.

Now feedbacks are pouring in. Some are good while others are bad. This is exactly what you wanted.

But how are you going to deal with it, the bad ones specifically? Do you listen or do you just “read blindly?”


On Good Commentaries

Should you listen? Most definitely.

Take all the compliments in. You deserve it.

When people praise your work or tell you that your article has helped them understand things better, it uplifts your self-esteem. It’s a feeling that you have done something right.

But don’t let that swell your head up with pride. Just let the good feelings in and thank your commentators sincerely.

Sometimes, if you leave “spaces” on your topic for people to fill-in, they do fill-out those spaces with their thoughts using comments. You should always reciprocate their invaluable contribution with gratitude.

Building relationships makes you a good blogger.


On Bad Commentaries

Have you encountered any bad comments before?

If it’s your first time to receive one then you can get affected easily. Your first natural reaction might be to jump in and fight back.

But really, you should read between the lines and listen to what people say negatively.

Remember, eyeballs are on you and not on the commentator. Your image depends on it.


The Obvious

Negative comments are way more “exciting” and handling it appropriately makes you a better blogger.

Although you might only receive a few, it is important that you know the basics on how to handle it.


1. Keep it cool

If you’re heating up, do not engage right away. Pause for a while. You can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Take a short walk and deep breaths while contemplating about the issue.

Do not fight back and stoop to a low level. As my previous boss used to say, “never answer any emails when you are upset.” It’s bad enough that you have a negative comment, it gets worse when you come to regret something that you already said.


2. Deal with the issue not the person

Sometimes a person can write the most horrible words in the comment section but in real life their character reflects differently. So if you are able to come across an obnoxious commentator you should never go after the person. Instead focus on the issue at hand.

If you get carried away things can turn ugly and that’s not good for you. Be rational and don’t get too personal.


3. Choose your words wisely

Blog commenting gives people anonymity. When they feel that your standpoint slighted their beliefs they can type in slurs that easily. To them, it is totally harmless to say insults online.

But they wouldn’t do that in real life. In fact, if you get a chance to meet them personally, you’ll be amazed on how totally different they are.

So this goes without saying that, more probable than not, they don’t mean exactly what they are saying.

Just remember, do not stoop down to their level. Don’t respond with the same negativity.

After reading this, you should know better.


4. Set your expectations straight

Not everyone is going to agree with you. That’s a hard fact. Deal with it and get over it.

Expect that 10% of your readers will not like whatever it is you are trying to publish or say. No matter how hard you try there will always be critics.

If you are lucky, you can encounter smart people who will fight through fire and water even if what they are saying is wrong. Engage with them in the same manner and you are like splashing oil over fire.



Comments are integral part of a blog. Without it, a blog is similar to a ghost town. Good or bad we want those comments in.

Personally, I do not concur with comment censorship unless it involves profanity.

If things are getting out of hand, it’s best to back off rather than make matters worse. It’s not worth your time and effort to be a spitfire over non-sense rants. After all if you leave it, it will be over before it even begun.


Over to You

I’ll be happy to hear any “exciting” experience that you had on blog commenting. Good or bad, let’s hear it in the comments.


Image Credit: Michal Marcol

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  1. sally says:

    I haven't gotten a bad comment yet & will hopefully deal with it while I'm wearing a smile.  That seems to help a lot of things.  Great post!

  2. I had a horrible issue recently where I actually pulled it from my personal area at a support site and closed my account at the site. I can handle people disagreeing with me, in fact, it helps me to work through areas and grow. Who knows, if you discuss stuff with me, I may be swayed or learn something. But this was different. It is the only time I have been flamed at my own blog area. I do believe each person has a right to run their blog their way and to decided how much censorship they place over comments. I love comments and even ones I don't agree with stay until I get personal attacks in messages etc. But the bottom line is, I write. Period. No one has to like it and no one has to read it and by God I won't be beaten up for being me. Be prepared, my blog is my area, it is my home. I run it my way. Either be appropriate or get to stepping. I am not doing this for money, I am doing this to grow. If my growth or opinions bother someone they can either discuss them with me, or they can walk.

  3. jkar says:

    Nice article Ramcel.  I remembered my psychology class in terms of dealing with the comment not with the person. 

  4. That's the way it should be Sally. Good for you. :)

  5. Now you got me curious on what happened on that psychology class of yours. Care to share? :)

  6. Ivin says:

    Hello Ramcel. I used to write a controversial blog in a Christan niche – and I'll tell you, that was tough. But I learned a lot as most my comments were negative. I didn't necessarily act correctly, but I know how to today. Nevertheless, getting a negative comment is still a blog to your ego… No matter how much confidence you have. I'll tell you this: A valuable lesson I have learned from being in ministry was: 'Don't believe or succumb to the pr about you, goo or bad. Good you may get inflated, bad , don't let it affect you too badly. 

  7. Thank you for leaving your thoughts here Christal and for sharing your bad experience about commenting.

    There are times that we really need to understand our guests because we are the blog owner. 

    But just like any household guests, it is unnecessary and unjustifiable to deliver personal attacks on anybody.

    If the negative comments still have a sense of topic perspective then it is perfectly fine engage with it appropriately.  But when it goes out of hand, we can apply censorship on our blog for communal sake.

    One person’s misbehavior should not compromise the rest.  That is what I believe in.

  8. Spoken by the true expert! Thank you for sharing this Ivin. I haven't got myself involved in any blog relating to religion as I know it would be an endless debate if you slighted any beliefs.

    But I can relate to what you are saying as I had a taste of negative comments myself. But not on this blog (whew!) but on controversial news sites.  It just amazed me how "freely" people can expressed their emotions there.  If you succumb, then it will not be good and fire starts.

  9. BP says:

    Nice posts Ram, keep up the good work! Best blogger I have met yet!

  10. Hey BP! I'm glad to see you here.

    It's good to know that you are following my blogging tips. And thank you for the accolade but I'm not a Pro-Blogger yet. May be a Pre-Pro-Blogger.

    Hahaha. I just mentioned two top-notch bloggers in the blogosphere.

    You might as well subscribe to my updates so that you won't miss any cookie when it's brought out of the oven my friend. :)

  11. Justin says:

    Hey Ramcel,
    Of the thousands of comments that I have gotten on my blog I had one that I had to delete. He was a somewhat regular commenter and all that he ever added was negative so I blacklisted him.

    My blog my rules. :)

  12. Hahaha. You rock Justin. If I am on your shoes, I might do the same thing.

    It's always a better option to throw a rotten apple from a basketful of beautiful red apples. But I need to make sure that the apple I'm throwing is really rotten and has no sign of hope of salvaging.

    Thank you for sharing your experience here.

  13. Timo Kiander says:


    You have valid points here.

    I happened to write about this topic on my blog earlier. The point was that feedback – even negative one – has lot's valuable information in it and if it's justified, you should listen to it.

    However, I feel that feedback which goes into personal level – I just ignore. Although I haven't gotten any feedback like that, but I know that is the way I would handle it.

  14. Hey Timo. Yup, we are definitely on the same page.

    I'm interested to know more about that article you posted on your blog related to this topic. I will be checking on that later.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  15. Aj Banda says:

    Hi Ramcel!

    You've got an interesting post here. I definitely agree that interacting with your visitors is a great way to establish a great reputation over the net.

    Also, interacting with comments gives a 'talk-and-share' both for the author and the visitor that can bear more ideas and lessons that you might need.

    Not to mention, friendship grows on talking with them. I remember someone that I had an argument over a certain issue. Our conversation made us friends until now (even if we never saw each other's yet personally) :)

  16. Until now I didn't listened it, your blog saved me…

  17. I'm happy to see you hear again Aj.

    As long as you focus at the issue and do not dive to personal attacks more can be gained from the exchange of ideas. In your case, it turned out gaining new friend in the process. Good for you.

  18. And it's just the beginning of your social journey.

    By the way, how should I address you? I don't seem to get your name on your blog.

  19. I also received some negative comment before, What I do is accept my mistakes and said to the commenter and also said that it will be helpful if he correct it but he didn’t reply. Negative comment really make you a better blogger.

    • There is a very thin line between constructive and destructive criticism although they are both negative commentaries.

      If you published something wrong that somebody noticed and asked you to look at it. The decent thing to do is to admit your mistake and make the necessary correction.

      You got an A+ on that aspect Christian. Good for you!

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  20. farouk says:

    that’s true
    but let me add something, there are sick people who will comment negatively not because you have problems but because they have serious issues, i call them trolls
    trolls should be ignored and their comments shouldn’t carry any weight

    • The way you call them made me chuckle Farouk. Alright, I will play along and call them “trolls” as well.

      There are people behaving like that but like what I said, how you perceive people in the internet can be deceiving most of the time.

      Simply because of the gift of anonymity that the world wide web offers to everyone. It makes it easy for them to bash anybody blindly knowing that they are “not hurting” real people.

      So if you know about this from day one then you would learn that negative comments should not carry any weight, as you call it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Farouk.

  21. Great tips. I think we shouldn’t put too much meaning into the comments even the good ones. Yes, positive feedback is great but putting too much into it can make us complaisant. It can all get in our heads pretty fast. And negative feedback can hurt but we can’t let it affect us, instead let it nurture us to perform better in the future. Criticisms make us better.

    • I agree with criticisms make us better but I beg to differ on not putting much meaning into comments.

      Comments are integral part of a blog. That’s what makes a blog different from a static website. The very heart of a blog is the communal interaction between the blog owner and the readers.

      If not much importance is put into comments what would the commentators feel about spending their precious time sharing their thoughts on your hard-worked article? They can certainly feel if you are just “commenting” for the sake of comments.

      Treat your readers with utmost importance and you will earn respect and loyal followers.

  22. Sally Brown says:

    Hi Ramcel,

    Great article! I did finally have my first negative content, and was able to handle it well. I think so anyway. I thanked the person for his comment and made a positive remark of some kind. I didn’t really negate what was said, just offered a positive response.

    I miss seeing your articles on Blog Engage. I still come to see what you are talking about. Looks like you are doing well. Hope to see you at BE more often. Sally

  23. David says:

    Well i would recommend any one to listen the comments that they recive from there blog post no matter how much they deny the fact we are presenting in our blog posts but still we should keep this too in mind that we do right for them so its important to know what our audience thinks!

  24. Listening to what your visitor is telling you about your post is really important. In my point of view, this comments can give you an idea for a new topic to be posted. Honestly speaking, some of my new or recent post in my blog are from visitors comments. There are a lot of potential topics to be discuss from those comments that has juice.

    ~ Kaci

  25. David says:

    Well as far as i think you always should no matter what your blog commentators say you until they are not spamming -_- but yeah if they applause you for your good you should appreciate it and ask them for what more they think to make it better but if they criticize you so then instead of ignoring them Listen them so you can learn more better about what you are lacking on!