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Bunch O’ Blogs and Cosmic Commander

Bunch O' Blogs
Last week was really crazy. I’ve been too busy turning up my first guest post on ProBlogger and the moment it went live, my traffic went off the roof.

It improved my Alexa ranking big time.

This month, I’m hitting my notes again to craft yet another awesome article for guest post submission.

Anyway, I have consolidated great reads for you for today’s Bunch O’ Blogs. So here they are and hope you enjoy them.


This was the ProBlogger guest post that I was talking about earlier. If you are wondering why you don’t get any comments on your blog, you must’ve been developing a “skill” that you don’t want to master.

Short and quick tips that can help you start your thinking cogs if you are running out of ideas on what to write next for your blog.


Social Media

Etiquettes on using Twitter. Yup, we can’t live without it. Sometimes, even if we’ve been using this true blue social media we still need to be constantly reminded of proper tweeting protocols.


Search Engine Optimization

  • How to Build Backlinks?
    Awesome tips for beginners and budding bloggers on how you can build your backlinks to improve your blog’s ranking.


Web / Blog Design

Isn’t it be sweet if you have a guide to ensure that you are building a web design that will totally rock to people who will be viewing it?



    • When Do Business Favors for Friends and Family Go Too Far?

How can you draw a line and set things straight. Avoid risking your business from “friendly” favors. Planning ahead will definitely go a long way on how you can effectively manage such circumstance.


Self Development

Is there a thin line between being patient and being happy with your life? This is a very deep perspective from no other than Justin Mazza of Mazzastick.

Bonus – Cosmic Commander

Take a break from hammering your head on content creation. Play this quick spaceship shooting game that is an improved spinoff of the Space Invaders. Give it a try by clicking the image.


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  1. Thanks so much for including in your bunch o' blogs!  :)

    Congrats on your guest post at ProBlogger and big traffic boost–awesome.

  2. You are most welcome Michelle. I really like that post of yours.

    Thank you for the accolade.  A blogger just can't get enough of web traffic. :)

  3. Thanks for including our post :) by the way this is a great initiative. very thoughtful and a great way to appreciate bloggers.

  4. You are welcome Prasant. And thank you for the accolade.

    I do receive a lot of good feedbacks about Bunch O' Blogs and I am truly happy to feature other blogs here.

  5. Gian Faye says:

    Wow, awesome to have guest posted on ProBlogger. Haven't read it yet.
    Another great list!

  6. Hey, hey, hey. Welcome back Gian! 

    It's good to see you here again. Guest posting for ProBlogger was really an awesome experience. They do have very strict criteria to get your article accepted.

    By the way, I am now accepting guest posts myself. You can check out the details on my Guest Posting section if you haven't already. 

    This goes without saying that I am extending my invite to you. Hit me with an email anytime you feel inspired.


  7. Justin says:

    Hey Ramcel,
    Once again, Thanks so much for putting me in your post, I really appreciate it my friend. Looks like I have some reading to do here.

  8. You do have a lot of reading to do and you are most welcome my friend. :)

  9. How to build back links is an important topic for me to learn, thanks for sharing…                                                              

  10. That is great to hear. Actually, even seasoned bloggers find that piece useful and that includes me.

    Thank you for stopping by and have a pleasant day ahead.

  11. Thanks for including my blog Ramcel :)

  12. Noel Addison says:

    Thank you for including my guest post on KaisertheSage!