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Two-Punch Combo to Earn High Payouts from Google Adsense

Okay, I think it’s pretty obvious that you are reading this because you know what Google Adsense is and you are currently using this to monetize your blog. So I’ll skip the introductions and jump straight to what’s this all about.

But let me tell you firsthand that this is nothing like those how-to articles that you can Google search for the keyword “Adsense.” No Siree!


What You Might Be Doing Now

Have you been picking your brains out thinking of dubious strategies because you find your earnings are coming in slow and pathetically low? Are you becoming like a stalker of the Google Adsense app interface and madly checking how many cents have been credited to your account? Or are you a Leonardo Da Vinci wannabe who awkwardly slapping ads everywhere on your blog?

If you are worrying yourself because of these things, I say you don’t have to. If you are tormenting yourself because of Google Adsense, I say stop it. If you are thinking to succumb to anything devious to secure quick Adsense money, I say you are definitely looking for Google trouble.

If you want to know how to earn money from Adsense effectively, there is only one thing that you need to do.


Cut the Crap and Forget About Adsense

I am dead serious about this. You see, you are stressing yourself too much and it’s not even worth it if it kills you. I can understand that you need to strategically place your ads on most engaging spots on your blog but please, don’t waste too much time on that. Just place it, leave it, and get over it.

You cool? Okay, we can proceed. What you really need to do is to channel your energy on important things.


What You Absolutely Need to Focus On


1. Craft Adsense Contents

We all know that content is king and bloggers like us bleed to craft articles that truly rock. And your audience loves that. When you write for your readers they connect with you and engage. But if you are monetizing your blog through Adsense you need to run an extra mile and write for search engines as well.

This topic has been long debated whether it is better to write for your readers or for the search engines. I say you mix a perfect blend and write for both. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely doable.

How can this be done? Well, after you have finalized and tweaked your content for your readers, tweak it again and carefully place top relevant keywords for search engines in the h1 and h2 header tags. I am giving strong emphasis on the words top and relevant. That being the top searched keywords relevant to the topic you are writing.

You can mix a few keywords inside your contents but this must be done meticulously without sacrificing the readability and usability of your article. Remember, your readers come first.


2. Build Links for Adsense

If your blog is new you can’t expect much earnings from Adsense. Why? Your blog posts have to be popular. Yes, it’s easier said than done but search engines must recognize them as high quality and top ranking. You need to start strategizing on how you can step-up the popularity ladder. And just how are you going to achieve this? Let me throw in some breadcrumbs.

  • Submit guest posts on popular blogs. Time and time again, this method has been proven as the most effective way to gain popularity in blogging. When you guest post, your articles will be well written and high quality. Why? Well, if they aren’t your submission will simply be rejected by the blog owner so it has to be top notch. To return the favor, the blog owner will give you quality links back to your blog. Do this often and you’re on your way to stardom.
  • Leave comments on other blogs. If you are commenting on articles from DoFollow blogs, you are also given backlinks. But it’s not that simple. Search engines are getting smarter nowadays and they can differentiate a lousy comment from a good one. So if you submit relevant and quality comments you get quality backlinks.



If you consistently perform the two points above, you are actually generating the major factor of Adsense success. And that is, traffic… traffic… traffic. Google Adsense is all about traffic. The more you have the more earnings you can possibly make.

So you see, you don’t have to really worry about monetizing your blog. Just put these two points in focus and cash will follow. And it’s more exciting to experiment on Google Adsense when you see your results in dollars and not in cents.

So here’s to your Google Adsense success. Cheers!

Oh, before I forget. Be a sweetie and tell me what your thinking. Come on, speak your mind!


Image Credit: Stevendepolo

About Ramcel Gatchalian

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  1. Jess Santiago says:

    all the best dude! ;-)

  2. Hey Jess, what a surprise my friend!

    Thank you for stopping by. Well, I got to say, this entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. But the end of the road look pretty promising to me. So yeah, all the best for me.

    Give my regards to your family. Cheers! :)

  3. sally brown says:

    Hi Ramcel,

    Another good one!  I have tried to add Google Adsense, but wasn't able to figure it out.  I'll have to take another stab at it.  I do know I was a little obsessed with it at first.  Perhaps some time away will help me get it right.  Thanks for the post.  Sally

  4. himanshu says:

    totally agreed no matter what you do but till you start getting real traffic you can't earn. well written post

  5. Do you mean you are not able to install Google Adsense? If you are using and mapped your domain with it I think you won't be able to include Adsense. You need to buy CSS in order to gain access to HTML.

    But if you are on a self-hosted WordPress ( then it should be no problem at all.

    Best of luck Sally and I hope you can get it installed right away.

  6. Thanks Himanshu. And you are right, it's all about traffic… real massive web traffic.

  7. Nishadha says:

    If you want to earn money with Adsense you need targeted US traffic. European traffic also pays to a certain extent. It also depends on the topics you write. For example blogging related ads tend to have a low CPC while FOREX related ads have a high CPC.

  8. Salman says:

    Great Tips Ramcel … Traffic is the key to get higher payouts from GA 

    Thanks for the great post :)

  9. Hey Nishadha. It's so nice of you to drop by.

    You've raise a good point there. We are on the same page when you said that ads being served in the US/Canada and European countries have better CPC than others. That is quite true, and targeting that traffic will be profitable.

    But then again, it all comes down to one thing. Traffic. You can blog yourself to death by writing contents related to "forex" and target for high CPC keywords but without traffic, it just won't cut it. And you won't get traffic unless you consistently do the two pointers that I mentioned in this article.

    Thank you and hope to see you again soon.

  10. You got that right Salman. I'm glad that we are on the same level here. Thank you for stopping by and talk soon, man!

  11. Nishadha says:

    Yes, making money online is basically about getting traffic. But it is better to put your effort where the money is. Also you can start by focusing on some long tail and build on that.

  12. Yey Nishadha, another good point! You really are trying fill up the basket with points. I love it! :)

    Anyway, those things are also true and I intend to cover those points when I tackle more advanced topics relating to Adsense. For now, this article is about the essential which is Traffic.

    Kudos my friend!

  13. Jim Crowell says:

    Is Adsense your primary source of advertising income?  How long did it take you to really start seeing your efforts paying off?

  14. Hey Jim, great to see you again. You like this post don't you? I can tell. :)

    Well, to answer your question, first I invite you to see my Archive section and you will learn that I just started last May 2011. Then please look up for my blog's URL at Alexa. I'm proud to have broken the "millionth" ranking early July and now close to 500K starting this month of August. Also, my Google Page Rank has increased to PR1 from nothing. Why is this so? Because I practice what I preach.

    I have driven traffic to this blog using the methodologies that I learned and posted here. You are free to browse and get something out of them.

    Now for your question if Adsense is my primary source of "advertising" income, I'd say yes. If it is my only way of monetizing from my blogs, I'd say NO. I also earn quite a big deal from being an Amazon affiliate.

    So there you go, I hope I was able to shed some light to your inquiries and I hope to see you here more. Cheers!

  15. Howdy Justin. That happened to me as well. Then I figured if your audience are also bloggers, they are unlikely to click on your Adsense ads unless they are really interested.

    What you need to focus more is how to tweak your posts so that I will rank better from search engines and target on a wider audience.

    While I do get decent clicks from my Adsense here, I receive far more from my other blogs that are in my Off-Topics and are high in CPC too.

  16. Justin says:

    Hey Ramcel,
    My Adsense was doing great for a while relatively speaking. I was getting tons of clicks for a couple of weeks and then it sort of dried up. I don't know what the hell happened. Now I get random clicks here and there.

  17. sally brown says:

    Thanks, Ramcel.  I will look into it further because I do use

  18. That's cool Sally. Let me know if you run through any issue. I also like to learn a thing or two about WordPress. :)

  19. earning reasonable figure from Google adsense requires huge and consistent traffic and your bounce rate must be low at least 65%

  20. Low bounce rate means great content. Thank you for pointing this out, Ifeanyi.

  21. Esspwebbb says:

    I really enjoyed to read this post.You are doing a fine job.Keep it up.
    School Papers

  22. Thank you. All the best. :)

  23. Gian Faye says:

    Hah! Too bad for me I gave up with Adsense. I'll put it back when I think it'll be efficient to do so. I really don't like my visions be cluttered by ads moreover if I only gain a few cents a month. Plus, being banned several times. (I believe you already know about that.) Anyways, good luck to those who'll walk the path to the Adsense lords.

  24. Hey Gian. It's nice to see you here again.

    Well, I am not one of those Google Adsense lords… yet. :) But I do appreciate how Google Adsense is helping to cover my blogs upkeep.  So I am pretty happy with that.

    I am constantly trying different strategies to boost my earnings as I believe it can do better.

    About your being banned because of third-party affiliates, I do understand and like I said, Google Adsense is not for everyone.

    Anyway, good luck with all your endeavors and more blessings to come.

  25. Aj Banda says:

    Actually, of all my ad links, I hate adsense the most for being the least income generator.. LOL…

    anyway, I might as well try your advice with writing for search engines.. there is no harm in trying anyway.. :)

    • Hey Aj! It’s really funny because on my end, Google Adsense provides the most ad-related income as compared with the others like Clicksor, Adbrite, and Infolinks. I tried them all and end up dropping them and leaving Google Adsense.

      Anyway, a thing that worked for one doesn’t mean it will work for the others. But like you said, there is no harm in trying. :)

  26. Lalit says:

    Excellent tips and I totally agree that you need to write articles for your viewers and search engines as well for earning from google adsense and a quality article with optimized keyword placing can really benefit both your viewers and yourself.

  27. Excellent info. Adsense needs a really good amount of traffic to be paired up with to produce high results. It’s an easy way to earn money but not something you can rely on for huge income. So better find an alternative way to earn money or get more traffic. :)

  28. Rubina says:

    I came to know a lot new things through this post…Even though I am not into google adsense yet, still these tips will benefit me in the near future…I probably won’t commit the mistakes others have committed before they read this post…Thanks!