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Blog Comments and Other Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence

Blog Comments and Other Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence

While guest posting on popular blogs gives you a huge chunk of the blog owner’s traffic and readership, it does take time and effort to produce a quality content that can be approved for publishing.

If you are not ready for guest posting yet, there is a simpler way to make your online presence visible to others. And this is where blog commenting comes in.


Commenting on Other Blogs

Blog commenting doesn’t rake in traffic the way guest posting does but its usefulness should never be underestimated. Blogs breathe and live on comments. If you have a blog that is receiving over a hundred page views per day and not a single reader commented on any of your posts, then something is definitely not right.

So why should you start commenting on popular blogs? Here is a couple of reasons why and these are vital.


To Build Communal Relationships

When you comment on other people’s blog, you are already making a presence. You must, however, make sure that you submit something relevant to the topic being discussed. Comments are integral part of every blog posts so make yours valuable.

It’s a two-way traffic. When you submit useful comments you draw attention. When you do this frequently you are making your presence strong and people engage with you.

Do not succumb to commenting something like “nice post”, “great post” and other variations that can brand you as someone who is just link baiting. You must also refrain from adding hyperlinks in your comments linking back to your blog post unless it is highly relevant to the topic. People can easily identify these junks and you can either be labeled as a spammer or be banned from the community.


To Build a Tribe of Your Own

When people starts engaging with you, you are actually building natural connections. And when things go natural you can expect them to follow you. The grandest thing would be readers leaving comments in your blog and subscribing to your updates.

If you step back a little and look at the big picture, if you already grown your tribe, you actually:

  • gained click-through traffic and new audiences
  • improved your search engine link authority
  • build up your credibility
  • increased the probability of people linking back to your blog

Just like in any relationship you will need time and effort to build your own community. Results will come overtime and you do not have to worry about the technical side of it. It will just make things complex for you especially if you are a budding blogger. Let things go naturally and everything else will follow.


Other Strategies to Promote Your Blog

While guest posting and blog commenting top notch the best practices on promoting your blog, there are other strategies that proved to be productive in growing online exposure.


1. Niche Forums and Communities

You can also promote your presence by joining forums and communities that are specifically targeted to your niche. These sites usually allow you to add your links on your profile’s signature. Thus, for every message you post, your blog is being flaunted like a name card. Read through the guidelines of message and article submissions and make sure you adhere to it to avoid any issues.

If you are a budding blogger, I recommend signing up for membership. It’s a community of active bloggers and a high-ranking blog directory where you can submit your articles for every member to see and engage.

And if you are really serious in promoting your blog, for a nominal monthly fee, you can acquire their BlogEngage RSS Syndication Service where your newest content will automatically be syndicated to BlogEngage and six other portfolios of social media sites. On top of that, if you get one of their top membership package you get your blog to be on the spotlight where other members promote your services or products themselves.


2. Blog Carnivals

Simply put, a blog carnival is a blog post that features a collection of best articles from many different blogs on a specific topic for a specified time frame. If you post a blog carnival you can let the blog owners know and more often than not, they will link back to you and announce it to their tribe.

On the other hand, there are well known blog carnival hosts like where you can submit your great posts for others to see and consider featuring.

I am also running a weekly blog carnival where you can participate easily by simply adding valuable comments on any of my published articles.


3. “Good” Link Baiting

Link baiting often has a negative connotation that can clearly be seen on low quality blogs. However, there are some good strategies that can be applied to this that are widely acceptable.

A few examples of these would be:

  • Giving freebies like a valuable ebook that you can offer as a giveaway for people who signs up to your mailing list
  • Sponsoring blog competitions from popular communities like Blogengage
  • Hooking an interview with a celebrity or someone popular in your niche and announcing it


Series Conclusion

The list of effective ways to promote your blog can go on and on and the only limit would be your marketing creativity. I will leave the rest to you so you can add your best strategies on how you promote your blog. I love to hear from you in the comments.

Well, it’s been a long week and the How to Promote Your Blog Before and After Publishing series has finally come to its conclusion. If you missed any of this four-part series you can backtrack and read the rest here:

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  1. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Samsons1 says:

    really enjoyed reading your advice…

  3. Thanks for the advise. I totally forgot to fix my twitter and facebook tabs. Thanks for reminding me.I'll fix it right away. I'll try the #blogchat this monday hoping that many bloggers will notice me :).

  4. What are the other blogging communities aside from Blogengage and Bloggers? Because I am still having a hard time to market my blog :| . Thanks in advance :)

  5. Hi Ken. I see you have been spending hours reading my posts. I hope you were able to take away some juice out of it.

    If you are asking about other communities on your niche you can find tons of results by simply searching for “technology forum” on Google. But if you are talking about immediate engagement with other bloggers, I suggest you dive into #blogchat on Twitter every Monday morning around 8:00 AM Philippines time. There are a lot of bloggers there that you can mingle and establish relationship from. Just don’t be shy.

    Being young at blogging would certainly entail a lot of challenges to get your presence known. You have started your blog last May, the same month I launched Meek Watcher. But I do not think your blog is socially ready. You got a Twitter button that lead readers to a “blank” Twitter account. How do you want your audience share your posts if they liked any? There are no sharing buttons.

    And here is the kicker, you have to write “to your readers” and not just throw information at them. You need to deliver special messages and connect with your readers. You have read through my articles and I’m pretty sure you have an idea of what I am talking about.

    Thanks for stopping by Ken and I hope I was able to shed some light. Stick around and watch out for my future posts. Better yet, opt-in for free updates so you won’t miss any useful tips that I will be throwing up for grabs.


  6. Thanks John. I am very happy to hear that you have completed my series and that you find it useful. One thing's for sure. There's more where that came from and I recommend signing up for updates so you won't miss any. All the best to you.

  7. John Tugano says:

    oh wow I have finished it up to no.4.thanks for Great Ideas and techniques on how to increase I know some steps and tips as well so I could gain more traffic or hyave a very informative article Ramcel,thanks for that..

  8. Gabriella says:

    the blog carnival idea is a rather good one. I've seen it around but had never known the actual term for it. I'll be trying the links you added, too. :)

  9. Hi Gabriella. I'm happy to have you here. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. And yes, I agree. The terminology seems pretty unfamiliar but blog carnivals have been around for years. I’m just not sure if they came to popularity first or the forums. It’s like the chicken and egg question.

    But like they say, new ideas can come out from old ones.

  10. Great article! I am interested in all aspects of internet markting.

  11. Sure you do Chuck. You are like a veteran to the world of internet marketing and it's a pleasure to have you here.  Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Aj Banda says:

    Interesting! commenting is really one way to boost your popularity in the blogospehere. 

    It's also a way to share your opinion on the author and thus gives a two way discussion that might open up more chances of learning.

    Lastly, it opens the most valuable thing commenting and blogging has to offer – FRIENDSHIP! :)

  13. Those points are true Aj. You are spot on in every angle.

    On my experience the greatest contributor of new readerships are from my guest postings. Blog commenting comes second.

  14. Hi there and thank you for stopping by.

    Blog commenting for SEO is only beneficial if the blog that you are commenting on is a DoFollow. Otherwise, you won't be getting that link juice that you are after.

    However, on this article, I focused more on blog commenting for the sake of socializing and gaining readership. This is more beneficial as you get real people to engage with you and your blog.

  15. I just can’t get enough of the word ‘relationship’ when it comes to blogging and business. The way I see it, it’s just that important especially in blogging. How we treat our readers and other bloggers is what mostly defines our brand, forget how good our performance is because without a good relationship with readers there will be little appreciation.

    Also I don’t think forum marketing gets the credit it deserves, sure it is a lot of work as well but it can surely get us some results. Everything that can bring in positive results is worth a try. :)

  16. jesnon says:

    I know what your mean. In todays economy its hard to find a career that pays good and is consistent. I have found that if you just work hard and are consistent you can go places . Look at the author of this article, they are clearly a hard worker and have just been consistent over time and are now enjoying at least what would appear as somewhat of a success. I would encourage everyone to just keep hustling and moving forward.

  17. web hosting says:

    I am doing my assignment on Comet right now, and I have to describe “What level/type of online presence does it operate”. I don’t quite get the meaning of this phrase — anyone knows what the sentence is asking for?